Blame The Tools

by T-toe

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I wrote these tracks in 2011 and been performing most of them since. They've been sitting around with a label awaiting release which has never happened, so I'm just doing it myself. Cut out the middle man, innit.


released July 6, 2014

Music written, recorded and performed by T-toe (c) 2014
Poetry on track 10 written and performed by Oliver Benedict O'Donohoe
Logo design by Craig Yamey (
Cover Art by Joseph Bates (
Mastered by Stefan Inglis


all rights reserved



T-toe UK

T-toe is a producer and performer of semi-experimental music from Bristol (UK)

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Track Name: 1% Hydrocortisone
That bitch’ll make you itch
An itch you can’t resist
You’ll scratch until you’re
Red red raw and probably bleeding

It happens everyday
The itch won’t go away
And it don’t matter
How much moisturiser you’re using
Track Name: When We Are Kids
When we are kids
And aged about four
We learn a skill
We didn’t know before

When we are kids
And aged about four
We learn to lie
And then lie some more

This is a time
That’s post make-believe
We practice this skill
For the rest of our lives

And if you get good
Then you’ll surely find
That you’ll want to lie
Again and again
Track Name: The New Gay
Beards, don’t mean you macho
Muscles, don’t make no Rambo
Check shirts, it’s just a costume
And them chaps, don’t make no man though

Now I’m not sayin’ I’m homophobic
But I just can’t see the benefit
Of doing your darndest to fit the clique
Looking the same as all the other shits

You call this shit community
You reckon this shit’s a sanctuary
All it does is breed insecurity
Stifles confidence and personality

We’re the new gay
So much better than the old gay
And we say
There’s gotta be a better way
To express yourself
Without resorting to a cliché
So put away, put away
Put away your Kylie and Beyoncé
Track Name: The Problem With London Is
You’re never gonna show that you might need help
You’re always gonna take advantage of us
You’re never ever gonna thank us for nout
You’re always gonna turn your nose up at us

Where are your manners
Did no, no one teach you
Why can’t you show some
Just show some respect

And if you think it goes unnoticed
You’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong
‘Cos we won’t take no more of your bullshit
We’re strong, we’re strong, we’re strong, we’re strong, we’re strong, we’re strong
Track Name: Salaam
It only takes a moment of your day
To stop and think about how you behaved
With all the people that you met today
And wonder if you made their day today

Salaam, Salaam, Salaam, Salaam
Track Name: Costcutter
Contents past their sell-buy date
Rotting fruit and veg on plates
Overpriced and breaking regs
Well Ok, Ok,
We will buy you produce anyway

Drunkards getting in your face
Chavs are disrespecting faith, your faith
Slappers lacking any grace
They say, They say
They say “Fuck you, fuck you” to your face

I notice that behind the till
Bottles of Modafinil
And I can see the sleeping pills
How long, How long,
How long have you been living life like this
Track Name: It's Kicking Off In Tottenham
It’s kickin’ off in Tottenham, Tottenham, Tottenham

What is you doin’, rudeboi
Why is you smahin’ shit up
Is that really the best way
To get your message across

What is you doin’, rudeboi
Why you be pickin’ shit up
Is you so fuckin skanky
So You be wreckin’ your hood
Track Name: Heat Haze
It’s a dry summer’s day
Leaves are green, skies are blue
Not a care in our minds
As we drive through the fields

We’ll load up the car, yes we’ll load up the car
We’ll pack our bags and get outta here
Put your foot to the floor, Put your foot to the floor
Let’s get out this town, yeah get out this town

There’s miles and miles of road ahead
For us to explore, yeah for us to explore
Let’s throw away the map, the map
Let’s go wherever this road take us

It’s a dry summer’s day
Leaves are green, skies are blue
Not a care in our minds
As we drive through the fields

There’s a tree in a field
That I spy from the road
And it stands way up high
Strong and bold, full of life
Track Name: Step One In The Fight Against
When I feel down,
And life feels empty,
I fight my frown,
And this helps plenty
Track Name: Unlikely
If you’ve never seen a world outside your phone
If you’ve never stepped outside your neighbourhood
If you crave the comfort of what you call home, then
You’re unlikely to know where I’m coming from
Track Name: Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
Spoken word by Aung San Suu Kyi for the BBC World Service

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